Mango Tree "Brick by Brick Appeal" Launched to Build Additional Facility

January 20, 2017

Mango Tree in Goa, India has launched a "Brick by Brick Appeal" campaign to raise money to build and equip a new facility, The Mango Tree House. The Mango Tree House will operate in conjunction with the existing Mango House to provide:

  • A pre-primary school for 75 children
  • Afternoon tuition classes for 75 children.
  • A computer/quiet room for older children for a quiet environment to study, seek help or access computers.
  • A healthy, nutritious meal for all attending.
  • Support from a social worker, counselor and nurse.
  • Recreational facilities for the children.

Via its "Buy a Brick Fundraiser", Mango Tree aims to raise the needed funds and recognize those who donated. Anyone who purchases a brick will have their name added to the symbolic wall that the children at Mango House are "building". Each brick features the name of the person who "purchased" it to donate.

Himanshu Bhatia supports Mango Tree monthly and shared the following, "The children were thriving in the school environment. They were very eager to share the poems they have learned with me. Mango Tree provides a healthy, nurturing learning environment."

The land for this new facility has already been purchased. As of January 19, 2017, 87% of the funds needed to begin construction had been raised.

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