Empowering Female Entrepreneurs of the Future

February 19, 2018

Life will give back to you in the same exact mathematical proportion as you give yourself to life.

How many great job opportunities have you missed out on because you couldn't check off, every…single job requirement listed on the application? This behavior is perfectly normal to a perfectionist…and did you know, most women happen to fall into this category? How do we raise awareness among young women and girls so they aren't taking themselves out of the running for a great job opportunity, and are better prepared for the future in general?

I learned at an early age that life is full of challenges, and it is how you deal with those challenges that defines your life. My childhood education made me highly gender-sensitive in some ways, and also gender-blind when it came to competition. I had to be self-assured and strong to survive school bullies. Academic excellence was absolutely necessary to achieve any level of respect in India.

Nobody is perfect, but practice certainly helps you get closer. You're not practicing if you're too intimidated to go for that new opportunity.

These are a few things I kept in mind on my path to success:

  • Growing and giving keeps us moving from one stage of life to the next. Not taking a chance hinders growth;
  • Reinventing yourself can be a joyful process once you break through your barriers and limiting beliefs;
  • You will love knowing your own depths and your very own deserving self when you step out of your comfort zone.

Strong, empowered women talk about the hardships they've faced in life and how they've had to deal with many challenges and obstacles. This is how they come face-to-face with their own power, or their warrior within. They have reverence for themselves no matter what the outside circumstances are like. Life only brings the storms and challenges you can handle. Where I am, along with my fellow women business owners, it takes the momentum of a lifetime to get here. Along the way, you create your own unique strengths that are invaluable.

Whether we know it or not, we are greatly impactful. Life is indeed beautiful and needs to be relished from this place of being a warrior. We are fighting to fulfill our roles and our deep longings with dedication, which in turn creates excellence. This inner-guidance eventually makes you live a life larger than yourself and beyond yourself. When you see the positive outcomes of your responsibilities done well, you are finally home to a cozy, warm feeling of having arrived.

If you're looking for a boost of confidence on your journey, keep this in mind:

  • You have everything inside you that's needed to hit a homerun from right where you are. Whether you are currently in a job or your job is being a homemaker, you will find success as long as you bring excellence to all of your responsibilities and dreams;
  • Life will give back to you in the same exact mathematical proportion as you give yourself to life. You'll be surprised to see how great this formula works! The rewards of dealing with your challenges head-on, and overcoming the hurdles that life continues to throw in your way, will certainly leave you in awe!

Now it's time for you to put this formula to the test in your own life. We all have plenty of challenges to overcome, so treat each one as another opportunity to learn and grow from as you continue to make your way down that long, arduous road to success.

Live and have courage in order to follow your ideals; even when it is inconvenient.